Bruiser Buddy Breakdown
*pats you consolingly and leaves you energon batter to make cupcakes with*

oh. . I should do something with this. Its been sitting in my Inbox for a few days but i’ll give it a go.

Do you wanna blow up a planet ?

On occasion.

Breaks, I've got an important question to you about something that could get heated. Best Spidey cartoon?

I don’t know. The amazing spiderman. with that neil patrick harris guy.

Is it buried though? He still seems to think it's a major thing.

I have no fragin clue.

Your mate seems to think that you don't care for them anymore. I think you need to slap him with some common sense. Or at least get him to stop over-reacting.


I was gone for a week, I’ve done these before, and that whole cybertron argument as buried, we finished it. Why is he digging it up?

You aren't the bad guy. you just haven't shown people your side of the argument.

What argument? I go off for a leisurely drive, decide ohh lets go drive somewhere else for a change. I used the ground bridge, end up in some island and I think to myself

Yes. Off roading. Wonderful. And then I attacked that off road like the mechlyest mech you’ve ever seen.

then the land mine happened.

and then some other stuff.

But apparently that’s grounds for me being this unloyal, unfaithful mech who’s willing to up and leave his family with out a single word.


Frag I don’t even know whats wrong with any of you.

Sure, I’m the bad guy.


Can you have your daughter ground bridge over to you and come back to the outpost? Then valve kissing.

Uh…My positioning device is.. fried. my comm link is. still very unclear.


Anons are sending him your way! or at least telling him youre back. Where exactly are you anyway?


good question.

"What day is it?" Breakdown - and don't take this one the wrong way - but... do you remember leaving the outpost? Going on a personal drive, as the doctor put it?

Yeah there was that. and the bridge. i used that.